Lush Jones                   

New Orleans Lover: A Creole Christmas Tale  
Mary Jane has given up on men when she reluctantly travels to New Orleans for a weekend getaway with girlfriends. Stubborn and determined to steer clear of trouble, she’s sealed her sensuality under lock and key. Fate intervenes, however, with a chance to rediscover her sexual self. She will encounter three spirits – each one with an erotic test that will compel her to confront deeply held inhibitions and fears. She accepts the challenge and embarks on a decadent, daring, and unforgettable journey into paranormal pleasure.  CLICK HERE TO READ AN EXCERPT.

Still Life 
When Sara poses nude for a drawing class, she finds herself modeling for a class of randy, rugged college boys and their sexy professor. By the end of class, she’s learned a lesson in the sensual arts that she’ll never forget – and neither will they.      

Put Me in My Place 
When Bailey’s boyfriend takes his obsessions too far, she kicks him out and turns to her best friend for solace. But her platonic pal, Rye, has a secret crush. And Bailey discovers that sometimes the best pleasure isn’t with your boyfriend … but with your best friend who’s a boy.  CLICK HERE TO READ AN EXCERPT

Numbers Don't Lie - second place winner in the 2013 Summer Erotic Fiction Contest

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